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Introduction to
the features of home elevator products

  • 1The use of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology conforms to the trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the world today, saving construction costs and operating costs of elevators. This technology represents the future development direction of elevator drive. The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine does not require lubricating oil, reduces oil pollution, and meets environmental protection requirements. The independent elevator braking system replaces the traditional holding brake and bids farewell to the huge The impact noise of the brake arm is greatly reduced in the engine room.
  • 2Adopting superior control system, using international advanced intelligent high-power modules, developed a professional elevator special variable voltage and frequency conversion speed regulation drive system, which enables the elevator control and motor control to achieve "seamless integration", a dedicated drive system The elevator operation control is faster and more reliable, and the modular design mechanism greatly reduces the failure rate.
  • 3The permanent magnet synchronous door machine system is adopted, and the door machine adopts an advanced non-link design, which is efficient, energy-saving and low failure. Using 32-bit CPU vector closed-loop control technology, using toothless permanent magnet synchronous motor to ensure that the door can be opened and closed in strict accordance with the best speed curve each time, the advanced door control system can collect different door weights and door opening and closing power changes of each floor The data, intelligently adjust the door opening and closing torque, make the action more stable, more efficient, safer and more reliable.
  • 4One-key call function: You can use the call button installed on the control box to easily send a distress message to multiple preset numbers with one key in an emergency, and automatically cycle the call until the sign is signed.
  • 5It can be equipped with an IC card management system, fully considering the needs of the owner, and free to add various operating functions, which not only improves the safety of property management, but also provides convenient access for special groups of people, and enhances the elevator ride enjoyment with humanized services.
  • 6Warm car decoration, simple and bright car decoration, large ventilation, quick and convenient to replace the lamps. Automatic lighting system, when no one uses the elevator, the lighting and fans in the car will automatically cut off power.
  • 7Considering that the home villa is a closed space, it is generally installed inside the villa, and the ventilation is not good. The company uses the latest aerospace synthetic new materials to make self-lubricating guide shoes, and the guide rails do not need to be refueled, so that there is no unpleasant oil smell in the home. , The car and the pit will have no oil pollution, which is especially suitable for sightseeing glass hoistway.
  • 8Smart call function. Taking into account the elderly and children at home, the operating system is equipped with a dedicated module, and the user does not need to call the elevator with a button, but can call the elevator directly by voice.
  • 9The maximum assembly of components is completed in the factory, and all standard components are bundled with related components and shipped, which greatly improves the efficiency of on-site installation and improves the quality of installation.
  • 10Automatic release device for accidental power failure: In order to prevent accidental power failure, the elevator is equipped with ARD emergency power supply to ensure that when the mains power is suddenly cut off, ARD releases power to safely transport passengers to the nearest floor.
  • Traction-wire rope
    villa elevator

    The use of mature permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractiontechnology improves the bulilding utilization rate and improves the driving performance of the elevator, so that you can enjoy the vlla life.

  • Special steel
    belt advantage

    1. The strands have been rearranged, and the fiat design increases the contact surface and improves the traction friction;
    2. polyurethane cladding can protect the wire strands, increase flexibility and reduce traction wheel wear;
    3. the steel beit does not reauire
    additional lubrication, no oil pollution;
    4. The vibration amplitude is lower than that of the steel wire rope, which is more stable and comfortable;
    5. lighter than traditional wire rope, saving energy;
    6. the service life is longer than the steel wire rope.

  • Traction-steel belt
    villa elevator

    The use of mature permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology improves the building utilization rate and improves the driving performance of the elevator so that you can enjoy the villa life.

  • Special type household
    steel belt
    traction machine

    Lightweight, low support for well support Small size and less space Brake built-in, lower noise Top floor height requirement is low.