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Can elevators be used during earthquakes?

When taking the elevator, if there is an earthquake, do not press the buttons on all floors at the same time in order to escape. Passengers should keep their knees bent, and keep their back and head close to the inner wall of the elevator in a straight line; if the elevator has handrails (we recommend installing elevator handrails when we make elevator decorations), it is best to be able to hold the handrails tightly and try to separate yourself from the elevator. The elevator is fixed to reduce possible injuries to the body caused by falling down. Many people think that if they encounter an earthquake while taking the elevator, they should quickly press the buttons on all floors of the elevator to stop and evacuate in the shortest possible time. But in fact, when the elevator encounters an earthquake disaster, it will automatically activate the "self-protection" mechanism to ensure safety by stopping the elevator. If you quickly press all the floor buttons at the same time, it may cause the elevator system to be disordered and increase unnecessary injuries. In addition, if you are trapped in an elevator in an emergency, you must wait for rescue and never try to open the elevator yourself. Because it is difficult for passengers in the elevator car to judge their own position, let alone predict whether a fall will occur, it will be very dangerous to open the elevator blindly. How to avoid being trapped in an elevator during an earthquake? Elevator Car Decoration Manufacturers tell you that some elevators will install earthquake detectors. Before the earthquake arrives, the elevator earthquake control operation device will detect the earthquake wave in advance, and output an alarm contact to control the elevator control system so that the elevator will open the door on the nearest floor leveling and release Passengers in the elevator, save the lives of passengers to the greatest extent.

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