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What safety features are included in the elevator?

Household Elevator typically incorporate several safety features to ensure the well-being of passengers. While specific features may vary depending on the elevator model and jurisdictional regulations, here are some common safety features found in modern elevators:
Door sensors: These sensors detect objects or obstructions in the path of the closing doors, preventing them from closing and potentially causing harm.
Emergency stop button: Located inside the elevator car, the emergency stop button allows passengers to halt the elevator's operation in case of an emergency.
Overload sensors: These sensors monitor the weight inside the elevator car. If the weight exceeds a predefined limit, the elevator may refuse additional passengers or activate an alarm.
Safety brakes: Elevators are equipped with mechanical safety brakes that engage in the event of an overspeed or malfunction. These brakes prevent the elevator from freefalling or descending too rapidly.

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Emergency communication: An intercom or emergency communication system is present in most elevators, enabling passengers to contact emergency services or building personnel for assistance.
Fire service mode: In the event of a fire, this mode allows firefighters or authorized personnel to control the elevator independently for evacuation or firefighting purposes.
Battery backup: Elevators often have a backup power supply, typically a battery, that ensures the elevator can be safely brought to the nearest floor and the doors can be opened in the event of a power outage.
Safety edges: These sensitive edges, usually located on the elevator car doors, detect obstructions while closing and immediately reopen the doors to prevent injury.
Pit switches: Located in the elevator pit, these switches can detect if the elevator car has descended below the lowest landing. If triggered, they activate safety measures to prevent the elevator from continuing to descend or operating improperly.
CCTV surveillance: Many elevators are equipped with closed-circuit television cameras for security purposes, providing surveillance and monitoring of the elevator cabin and surrounding areas.