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What should be paid attention to in the design of home elevators?

Elevator Frame Hoistway location space determines Household Elevator and door size. It is a good solution to install an elevator in the middle of the stairs and combine it with the stairs.
1 The middle of the stairs, the corner of the wall, and the external hanging can be used, and it is better to be centered without blocking the passage.
2 Reverse the width of the hoistway with the width of the door opening, and reverse the height of the car with the height of the top floor.
3 The recommended load is 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The area relative to the load capacity can be larger than that of the passenger elevator to increase the comfort.
2. Determination of style and style:
The main consideration is the well environment and personal preference, followed by the cost and difficulty.
1 The closed hoistway is equipped with a closed car, and the sightseeing hoistway is equipped with a sightseeing car, which can be sightseeing on three sides or part of the sightseeing. Elevator Car Decoration recommends installing glass windows on the door.
2 The shape of the car is various. Rectangular, round and combined types are available, and automatic folding doors with transparent materials are recommended.
3 Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not suitable to use fully transparent glass for home elevators.
3. Functions and safety measures of home elevators
Users of home elevators lack professional knowledge of elevators, and there are no dedicated elevator service personnel, and the safety cannot be reduced. It is best to configure them according to the standard of passenger elevators.
1 There are generally two ways to open the door. Automatic doors and manual doors. Both automatic and manual doors must have an electromechanical interlock function to prevent the landing door from being opened when the door is opened and the elevator is not present.
2 There are 2-story home elevators without shafts and doors in foreign countries. But there must be safety measures to prevent shear collisions.
3 Some villa elevators have manual swing door design. The car has no doors. Then a light curtain door must be installed to ensure that the danger of friction collision and crushing is prevented.
4 It is recommended to connect the local telephone extension in the car to prevent the alarm from calling for help when the fault is trapped.
5 Add self-rescue measures and procedures when trapped. Passenger elevators do not allow passengers to rescue themselves. Families are different, and copying them completely may cause people to be trapped for a long time.
6 It is equipped with emergency leveling functions and devices with power failure as standard. However, this function should be used in abnormal state such as inspection and maintenance.
4. Plane layout and shape of the car:
In order to save the area, a reasonable layout is required, and the double-leaf automatic door is used to open the door, and the plan of placing the weight on the side is more reasonable. The hoistway width of 1200mm corresponds to the car width of 850mm and the door opening width of 700mm.
1 The first choice is to install a home elevator in the hollow space of the U-shaped turn staircase. Steel structure shaft, light transmission design.
2 If it is a circular arc staircase with a circular arc elevator, it will be more beautiful. There are two types, one is a common semi-circular arc car with a plane automatic door, and the other is a circular arc car with an arc-shaped automatic door.