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How to build the aluminum alloy frame of the home elevator?

1. First choose an installation location that is easy to disperse gravity. Generally, it is recommended that customers choose the position of structural beams with large load-bearing capacity, usually stairwells. Generally, stairwells will have at least three load-bearing beams in front, left and right for load-bearing stairs, which is beneficial for us to lay steel beams at the bottom pit. The overall pressure of the steel structure derrick is dispersed to the beams and columns of the building with strong load-bearing capacity.
2. Try to implant the elevator aluminum alloy derrick between the upper and lower beams in sections by moving back and forth or sideways.
3. The aluminum alloy hoistway is segmented, with a section of 1.5 meters, and is locked with screws to further ensure the safety of the aluminum alloy frame hoistway elevator.
4. The hoistway ring beam is made every 1 meter to ensure the firmness and safety of the elevator and the aluminum alloy frame.
5. Each layer is connected and strengthened with the aluminum alloy Elevator Frame Hoistway, which is more foolproof.
Advantages of Elevator Car Decoration:
1. Household elevators have now entered more and more personal homes, but most villas do not have reserved elevator shafts. Customers can only transform the elevator installation position in the villa elevator, and more than 80% of the users are by transforming the stairs. completed in time. The tight stairwell size determines that the aluminum alloy shaft is more maneuverable, especially the sightseeing home elevator, which does not affect the lighting and is beautiful and is favored by the villa owners.
2. The aluminum alloy hoistway of the household elevator lies in the heavy load-bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy and the strength of the connection. The entire hoistway column, rungs and the connection with the stairs can ensure the safe operation of the elevator.