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How to control the cost of elevator installation?

1. Use the quota method to control the installation cost of the Custom Elevator
The quota method is a more effective way to control the installation cost of elevators. There is a more comprehensive calculation of costs, etc., which to a certain extent can truly reflect the specific situation of the production and construction process at a certain stage in the actual production process. At the same time, this method can also be used as an effective management method to realize the macro calculation of the cost, so as to make the calculation of the later project as the basis, so as to fully ensure that the cost of the project is effectively controlled.
2. Build a stable material supplier
Elevator Frame Hoistway installation companies need to establish long-term cooperative relationships with multiple material suppliers, which not only saves the procurement time of materials required in the elevator installation process, but also ensures that the quality of the materials meets the elevator installation requirements. With a stable material supplier, enterprises can achieve zero inventory. When elevator installation operations are required, they can directly contact the material supplier, which not only saves the storage cost of materials, but also saves the cost of materials.
3. Standardize elevator installation procedures to save installation costs
1) It is best to implement a budget system for the expenses required in the elevator installation process, and give clear specifications for the specific scope of expense reimbursement, reimbursement procedures, reimbursement amount, and approval procedures, especially to list some that do not meet the requirements. In order to establish a situation of mutual supervision and mutual restraint, to better standardize the relevant behaviors in the elevator installation process and effectively control the installation cost. 2) Approval according to the prescribed procedures. Reimbursement personnel need to hold reasonable bills spent in the elevator installation process for reimbursement, and the operator needs to fill in the reimbursement form, attach the original credentials to the back, and submit it to the relevant department for approval. reimbursement.
4. Grasp the key points of elevator installation cost control
In the process of elevator installation, the company needs to effectively grasp the key points of cost control, and design a set of implementation procedures for key points of cost control, so as to effectively control each key point of elevator installation to achieve the expected cost control effect.
5. Establish an effective reward and punishment system to improve work efficiency
Enterprises should establish a fair, just and open reward and punishment system, so that the income of employees is proportional to their corresponding work performance. To achieve this goal, work should be carried out from the following aspects. First of all, each installation task should be followed up and perfected by the same group of personnel to implement tracking services. At the same time, in the performance evaluation of each year, it is necessary to give corresponding rewards according to their specific project completion quality. For those who fail to meet the standards, a certain adjustment period should be given first, and if the performance is still poor after the adjustment period, they should be given. some degree of punishment. In the evaluation process, it is necessary to combine the customer feedback from the customer service department to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and consideration. Finally, we must resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of cost increase caused by technical problems and weak sense of responsibility.