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What are the basics of elevator decoration?

A. Daily precautions for elevator management
1. The machine room door must be firm and locked. Professional management personnel must be responsible for entering the machine room, and no entry is allowed without permission.
2. Please keep the passage to the machine room unblocked so that professionals can carry out maintenance or emergency repair.
3. The machine room shall be kept ventilated and the indoor temperature shall be below 40 ° C at any position.
4. The ventilation windows and devices in the machine room shall be kept in good condition.
5. Sufficient lighting and ventilation equipment shall be provided in the machine room.
6. Prevent the ceiling and wall of the machine room from seepage.
7. Do not use the machine room for other purposes (such as living or storing sundries). Flammables and explosives should be removed outside the machine room to avoid fire.
8. The elevator entrance pit must be waterproof.
B. China Custom Elevator Frame Hoistway Manufacturers safety management
1. Keep the lift car and threshold groove clean.
2. The elevator entrance pit shall be cleaned regularly.
3. Do not overload the elevator to avoid accidents.
4. Do not let young children take the elevator alone.
5. Instruct passengers not to jump in the lift car, because this may lead to the misoperation of the elevator safety gear, which may lead to a person closing event.
6. Do not use hard objects to knock the elevator button, which may cause artificial damage and thus cause failure.

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